October 29, 2008, 9:57 pm
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Prophecy has come up in my readings lately and I really appreciate this quote:

“I now embrace the theory of prophecy, which holds that prophetic voices of great clarity, and with quality of insight equal to that of any age, are speaking cogently all of the time. Men and women of a stature equal to the greatest of the past are with us now addressing the problems of the day and pointing to a better way and to a personeity better able to live fully and serenly in these time.”

Robert K. Greenleaf from Servant Leadership

In this political season I often get put to sleep by the dull hum of the rhetoric. This quote gives me hope that prophetic voices exist… even today.

What prophetic voices have you heard lately?


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I haven’t heard many prophetic voices lately, but I think this quote is so true! I think it’s easy to drown out the prophetic voices, to think of them as crazy or radical, and forget that those voices are often the ones people look back on and say, “Wow, weren’t they perceptive?” like Friends in bygone days. Hopefully we can still be like that as a community…

Comment by Cherice

Currently reading Walter Wink. For your consideration…

Comment by Jim

@Cherice – I’ll post on this later, but Greenleaf’s next point is that the responsibility lies in the listener, not the prophet. So, like you said, we can drown out the voices that are present. You also have me thinking about the over-saturation of opinions and voices via technology. Today there are SO many voices that it is hard to distinguish truth and prophecy from “just another blog post.” 🙂

@Jim – Wink… great choice. My question is, how did you get ahold of Wink in Burundi? Those are big books for you to have brought them with you.

Comment by Michael

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