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October 22, 2008, 8:57 pm
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After numerous nudges from friends and family–most recently coming from Angela, but that should not discount the fact that Sherry holds the record for most nudges–I’ve decided that it is finally time to unveil this new blog that I registered months ago but have done nothing with yet. Obviously it is basically the same, I just finally decided to make the jump to WordPress.

I also started another blog and hope to use it to discuss issue related to my area of study, international development. And if that topic interests you, you can also read my grad school cohort’s blog.

For now I have decided to keep this blog as a space to discuss life, humor, and especially issues of following Christ and being a Quaker. It may not work to try and maintain two separate sites, but I’ll try for now.



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Good move, WordPress is the man…err, machine?

Whatever. 🙂

Comment by Peter Crackenberg

Word…press on, we await what might be posted…

Comment by Joel

Great, now you too can experience plug-ins that break with upgrades, etc., etc.

(Sorry, now that I’ve finally gone Mac, WordPress is the only over-hyped hipster fad I can pooh-pooh (of course I’m building more and more WP sites for clients)).

ps: thanks for putting me in the sidebar, cool, but it’s a dot-org.

Comment by Martin Kelley

Bring it on, good sir. I would love to make some witty WordPress quip, but I’m still in the Blogger stone age, so… GOOGLE ROCKS!

Comment by Jim

you weren’t lying! Glad to see you back!

Comment by Angela

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