Familiarity in an unfamiliar place…
March 11, 2009, 7:55 pm
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This morning as I sat down for a cup of coffee, I picked up a book that was sitting on the table. It was a devotional book that gets published by one of my old employers. I looked over the cover to find the date it was published (1998) and then looked inside to see who had been working there at the time. When I closed the book I realized that the person staring back at me on the front cover was a familiar face.


Sherry always loves old photos… and she loves to give me a hard time for not blogging. So I just had to share this unexpected Sherry sighting in Rwanda.


Historic Inauguration
January 21, 2009, 7:29 am
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My inauguration day celebration was an interesting one, but no less exciting and inspiring than if I had been back in Oregon, or even on the Washington Mall. As we sat at the Thomas house, in Kigali, Rwanda, we tuned in late in the evening to the only channel in Rwanda, which was airing the CNN broadcast of the inauguration.

As I looked around the room I was blessed by those I was able to watch the historic event with. Behind us sat three Rwandan men who serve as our night guards. Though they knew no english, their faces still clearly portrayed their intrigue and excitement. They sat through all of the pomp and circumstance, and at the end there only comment was, “It is great to see this happen peacefully, because here the only way a president takes over is if the last one is killed.”

Next to me sat three small children, all Americans by birth, but have lived more life outside of its borders than within. I had a flashback of my childhood in Peru, listening to Ronald Reagan’s speeches on the radio. As Obama spoke and reminded us to take the long-view on history and our current situation, I was reminded that even since those days of listening to Reagan on that little radio in Juli much has happened, the Cold War has ended, Monica Lewinsky has dropped out of the social conscious, and 9/11 has come and gone. Hopefully this current crisis will come and go, and we will regain a sense of hope and humility.

I know last night gave me a glimpse of that hope. That had more to do with who I was with and less to do with the great prayer by Rick Warren, terrible poem by that one lady, and awkward oath recitation between Obama and Justice Roberts.

Greenleaf #2
November 20, 2008, 8:13 am
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As promised, the following is another quote from Robert K. Greenlead’s Servant Leadership.

The variable that marks some periods as barren and some as rich in prophetic vision is in the interest, the level of seeking, the responsiveness of the hearers. The variable is not in the presence or absence or the relative quality and force of the prophetic voices. Prophets grow in stature as people respond to their message. If their early attempts are ignored or spurned, their talent may wither away.

It is seekers, then, who make prophets, and the initiative of any one of us in searching for and responding to the voice of contemporary prophets may mark the turning point in their growth and service…

October 29, 2008, 9:57 pm
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Prophecy has come up in my readings lately and I really appreciate this quote:

“I now embrace the theory of prophecy, which holds that prophetic voices of great clarity, and with quality of insight equal to that of any age, are speaking cogently all of the time. Men and women of a stature equal to the greatest of the past are with us now addressing the problems of the day and pointing to a better way and to a personeity better able to live fully and serenly in these time.”

Robert K. Greenleaf from Servant Leadership

In this political season I often get put to sleep by the dull hum of the rhetoric. This quote gives me hope that prophetic voices exist… even today.

What prophetic voices have you heard lately?

Back online…
October 22, 2008, 8:57 pm
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After numerous nudges from friends and family–most recently coming from Angela, but that should not discount the fact that Sherry holds the record for most nudges–I’ve decided that it is finally time to unveil this new blog that I registered months ago but have done nothing with yet. Obviously it is basically the same, I just finally decided to make the jump to WordPress.

I also started another blog and hope to use it to discuss issue related to my area of study, international development. And if that topic interests you, you can also read my grad school cohort’s blog.

For now I have decided to keep this blog as a space to discuss life, humor, and especially issues of following Christ and being a Quaker. It may not work to try and maintain two separate sites, but I’ll try for now.